Cardiff Netwalks

Cardiff Netwalks 1  –  Central Cardiff

Bute Park Summer Blooms

Bute Park Summer Blooms

The evidence that you and I are sitting down for far too many hours each day is overwhelming.

Your business you needs you to be fit and healthy and you need to make contact with the people who can help your business grow.

Cardiff Netwalks are an opportunity to combine the two.


Dates for 2014:

Alliums,  Bute Park

DECEMBER:  Friday December 12th @ 2.30pm Llandaff Fields.  Meet outside Cafe Castan CF11 9HZ; then hop across the road following the walk to toast the festive season.

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Dates for 2015:

Friday 28th January (venue tbc)

Friday 25th February (venue tbc)

Friday 25th March (venue tbc)

Friday 29th April (venue tbc)

Friday 27th May (venue tbc)

Friday 24th June (venue tbc)

Fridays 29th  July (venue tbc)

Friday 26th August (venue tbc)

Friday 30th September (venue tbc)

Friday 28th October (venue tbc)

Friday 25th November (venue tbc)

Friday 30th December (venue tbc)


Meet at the start point at 3.00pm on Wednesdays – usually the last Wednesday of the month.

Bute Park Walks

Bute Park Walks

We will take a different route each month and you are invited to attend on your own or to bring friends and colleagues.

The walk will be for approximately 2 hours rain or shine.  Included will be a theme for the walk, an opportunity to network with others in group and a chance to pick up a coffee or tea at the start.

Each month a speaker will be invited to talk about their business for 10-15 minutes.

Your first Netwalk will cost £18.00 and you can bring a guest for FREE.

Normal cost for Cardiff Netwalks:  £20.00 per walk.

Our walks will be in green spaces in the city – starting with Cardiff Netwalks 1, meeting in Bute Park, near the bridge across to Sophia Gardens outside the Summerhouse Kiosk Cafe.


What you will need: 

Bute Park in Springtime

Bute Park in Springtime

The great thing about walking is that you need very little in the way of specialist kit.  But please do make sure you have:

  • a good pair of flat shoes, trainers or light walking boots (for summer walks)
  • rainproofs for our lovely Cardiff weather!
  • a couple of quid for a cuppa at the start, should you need one
  • a open, curious mind


Please call Jane on: 07799 465962 for more information